Administrative Fee Policy Amended June 21, 2022.pdf


Background Check Policy.pdf

Bill Policy.pdf

Brick Town Hall Accessibility Policy.pdf

Building Emergency Policy.pdf

Code of Ethics Adopted 3/13/2023

Command Vehicle Policy.pdf

Communication Towers Policy.pdf

Credit Card Policy.pdf


Fund Balance Policy Adopted March 4, 2013.pdf

Harrassment Policy.pdf

Hearing Of Citizens Policy Adopted August 01, 2022.pdf

Holding Tank (Water and Sewer) Policy.pdf

Notary Public Policy.pdf

Personnel Policy.pdf

Purchasing Policy.pdf

Return Work Policy.pdf

Select Board Meeting Agenda Policy.pdf

Smoke Free Policy.pdf

Table-Chair Usage Policy.pdf

Treasurer's Disbursement- Employee Wages-Benefits Policy.pdf

Treasurer's Disbursement- Warrants for state Fees Policy.pdf