Administrative Fee Policy Amended June 21, 2022.pdf


Background Check Policy.pdf

Bill Policy.pdf

Brick Town Hall Accessibility Policy.pdf

Building Emergency Policy.pdf

Code of Ethics Adopted 3/13/2023

Command Vehicle Policy.pdf

Communication Towers Policy.pdf

Credit Card Policy.pdf


Fund Balance Policy Adopted March 4, 2013.pdf
Fund Balance Policy Rev 4_22_2024.pdf

Harrassment Policy.pdf

Hearing Of Citizens Policy Adopted August 01, 2022.pdf

Holding Tank (Water and Sewer) Policy.pdf

Notary Public Policy.pdf

Purchasing Policy.pdf
Personnel Policy updated 5-20-24.pdf

Return Work Policy.pdf

Select Board Meeting Agenda Policy.pdf

Smoke Free Policy.pdf

Table-Chair Usage Policy.pdf

Treasurer's Disbursement- Employee Wages-Benefits Policy.pdf

Treasurer's Disbursement- Warrants for state Fees Policy.pdf