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The Treasurer is responsible for keeping the Town’s financial accounts in accordance with generally accepted principles of municipal accounting. The Treasurer must present clear financial information to the citizens of the town through the Town Report and also to town officials so that they can make informed decisions, particularly with regard to municipal borrowing an investment. The Treasurer is responsible for accepting tax warrants from the state and county governments and making sure they are promptly paid. The Treasurer is responsible for considerable documentation including monthly and annual reports for municipal officials, taxpayers, and institutions. The Treasurer works with taxpayers on matters of tax liens and foreclosures and executes tax lien foreclosures according to legal guidelines. Much of the Treasurer’s time is spent collecting delinquent taxes. While the collection of taxes is the responsibility of the Town Clerk/Tax Collector, once the taxes are delinquent, they become the responsibility of the Treasurer. The Treasurer monitors town funds on an ongoing basis and is responsible for all the money. The Treasurer is responsible to the Town, just as the Selectmen are. The Treasurer does not answer to the Selectmen.



Incorporated in 1787

The Treasurer's office is handicapped accessible and is located on the first floor of the Limerick Municipal Building. 

For information on 2014 tax liens please contact the Treasurer  at

207-793-2166 #4


Laura May

Office Hours
Monday -Thursday 10:00-12:00 1:00- 5:00



Phone: 207-793-2166 Ext 4

Fax: 207-793-8510

The Treasurer now accepts Debit and Credit Cards from American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover with a 2.5% fee charged to the consumer.