Limerick Water & Sewer District

The Limerick Water and Sewer Districts are quasi-municipal

utilities created in 1958 and 1955 respectfully, by acts of the

Maine State Legislature.

Today the service area includes portions of the upper village

and the lower village.


External link opens in new tab or windowBoard of Trustees

Anthony Carroll   Chair

Dean Lepage

Aaron Carroll  Licensed Class I Operator

John Medici    Chair Board of Selectmen

Pete Proctor   Health Officer

External link opens in new tab or windowLicensed Operator Service provided by Water Quality and Compliance Services, Inc.

The Limerick Water District is overseen by a 3-member Board of Trustees that must be residentsof Limerick and be elected. The terms are three years and staggered so that one board member is

appointed each year.

 'Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine, as follows: Sec.!. P. & S. L., I955, c. I95, § 5, amended. Section 5 of chapter 195 of the private and special laws of 1955 is hereby amended by adding thereto a new paragraph, to read as follows: 'In addition to the officers set forth in this section, the chairman of the board of selectmen of the town of Limerick and the health officer of the town of Limerick shall be ex officio members of the board of trustees, with all the powers vested in them as are delegated to a regularly elected member of said board.'  98th Legislature of the State of Maine

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Limerick Water & Sewer District

P.O. Box 180

Limerick, ME.   04048



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August 26, 2021 Progress has been made on new water source. This well was drilled in March of this year with the help of a matching grant from the State of Maine.  It should be on-line in a few months.

We are working with the town's Revitalization Committee on more 2022 grant applications.

Oct 1, 2021 - Two applications for portions of the Hollandville Project were submitted to the Maine Drinking Water State Revolving Fund.

DWSRF Letter

External link opens in new tab or windowExternal link opens in new tab or windowDWSRF_Letter.pdfOct 14, 2021 6:17 PM


November 4, 2021

Work continues on the new well on Emery Corner Rd.

Limerick Water Sewer Planning 2021-2022