Town of Limerick

55 Washington Street

Limerick, ME  04048

Fax: 207-793-8510


Town Offices

Board of Selectmen: External link opens in new tab or
Selectmen's secretary:  External link opens in new tab or
Tax collector: External link opens in new tab or
Treasurer:  External link opens in new tab or
Code Enforcement officer:

Limerick Water/Sewer District
Limerick Water District:
Limerick Sewer District:


John Medici-Chairman  email

Wendy Thorne-Vice Chairman email

Heath Edgerly email

David Gibson email

Wade Andrews email

Municipal Offices                       207-793-2166                        
Town Clerk/Tax Collector:              Ext. 3  
    Tax Collector- ext. 1

    Town Clerk -  ext. 2


Town Clerk/Tax Collector's Fax:  207-793-8647

Treasurer's Office                            Ext. 4  
Code Enforcement Officer:            Ext. 5  
Board of Selectmen Secretary:     Ext. 6  
Assessing Office                              Ext. 7  
Planning Board Office                    Ext. 8  
Fire Department          Ext. 1   
Library            Ext. 2   
Transfer Station   207-432-0064 
Recreation   207-749-8570 

Board of Selectmen:
John Medici  207-400-7140