Department History

Limerick Volunteer Fire Department began on November 7, 1928.  The Town of The Limerick appropriated $6,000.00 for the purchase of a “Universal” combination chemical and pumper capable of pumping 600 gallons per minute.  Along with the Universal, Limerick Fire Department also had two hose companies.  In 1942, The Limerick Volunteer Fire Department purchased a Chevrolet cab and chassis, and the members fabricated a fire body.  The fire department was organized into two companies, Company A with the Universal was located at the Central Station, and Company B with the Chevrolet truck was stationed in a garage near Deepvale Tavern.  Numerous members of Company B were transferred out of town, and the two companies were consolidated to Central Station.

In 1968, the Limerick Volunteer Fire Department was recognized by the Maine Legislature for the volunteer efforts in rebuilding the fire station.